Immersive and Cognitive Learning in Healthcare

3E is leading the way in the development of an immersive and cognitive Healthcare Learning Platform aimed at skill development and improved fact-memory in GenZ medical students.  The platform delivers learning through a variety of simulatory, sensory, visual and auditory … Read More

Meet 3E Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2018

We are excited to announce that 3E Solutions is exhibiting at the GSMA Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona between 26th February and 1st March 2018.  In keeping with our commitment to stay abreast with technological advancements, we have more … Read More

Building On-Demand Mobile Apps

There’s an app for everything these days and people are always talking about building the next “Uber for X”.  But why is this so important? Here is the breakdown on everything you need to know on how to approach the … Read More

IOT Adoption ignites growth in Real Estate

Yesterday, the value of real estate was all in the location. Tomorrow, it will be information, and how real estate brokers and agents can tap into that information to build relationships with customers, increase sales, and strengthen tenant engagements The … Read More

Business Automation can improve your profits

CEOs are increasingly using process automation as a strategy to prevent unwanted financial drain. In this blog, we look at how our business automation solution has helped our client reduce operational inefficiencies in facility management, and significantly improve his bottom line.

3E Solutions uses IOT to bring Connected Car experiences in the Automotive Industry

The automotive landscape for car dealerships have seen significant changes over the past few years.  Although 2016 was a reasonable year for sales, analysts suggest that dealerships will see a major dip, and will be forced into closure by 2025. … Read More

Innovation Incubator Partners with 3E IT Solutions

Manhasset Hills, NY USA – May 5th 2016 Innovation Incubator Inc. USA, an accelerator with focus on innovation through disruptive change has today announced definitive agreement to invest in 3E IT Solutions Private Ltd. India, a mobility solutions business. Innovation … Read More

Mobility drives IOT

Theres a lot of buzz around IOT nowadays, and as app developers, we are always hearing questions about how we can break into this market and what is the true potential there. So this blog post is going to break … Read More