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Project Info

The client is a leading online flooring company specialising in highest quality wood flooring to suit all tastes and budgets, located in the Wales region.


Replace the client’s existing Legacy Platform with Future-Proof technology that meets corporate business requirements.

The client uses inbound marketing as its primary marketing tool, which created an urgent requirement for an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to quickly follow up and convert leads.

The client's previous inventory and client management architecture had limited capabilities, which resulted in siloed data, accessed through excel sheets. This data extraction was possible only through logging into company's web server database, and the information of leads and opportunities was not easily accessible to the ground staff, denying them key data which was critical to their sales & marketing efforts.

The client sought to create an E-commerce platform that allowed customers to purchase directly online, as well as acted as a sales funnel for collecting data of prospects that make sample requests. Additionally, the client required an affordable and universally accessible ERP system, which fully synchronized with the E-commerce platform, and provided key insights of sales performances, and pipeline opportunities.

Solution Overview

A holistic approach was taken to provide the client with a new web presence, as well as track customer data more effectively, while making it more accessible to various users within the organization.

To achieve this, Magento Enterprise edition was selected as the E-commerce platform of choice enabling the client with robust Catalog Display, Inventory Management, Order Management, and Promotions creation capabilities. The system was customized with upgraded UX for capturing the essence of the brand lifestyle. Sales funnels were devised around the site for collecting user data, and allowing users to are not ready to commit to a purchase to place a Sample Request before buying. The portal was developed with responsive qualities to allow users to make purchases via their mobile devices or tablets.

The E-commerce platform was further extended by integration with OpenERP which was customized to provide intelligent reporting dashboards which allows for staff performance monitoring, sales monitoring, and review of pipeline opportunities. The ERP system also provided streamlined Lead Management and Scheduling systems, as well as Customer Management capabilities. Fully synchronized with the Inventory System used in the client’s brick-and-mortar store, the ERP was also able to push catalog updates to the new built E-commerce system without any manual effort. Select features on the ERP system was mobilized to offer users within the organization the ability to extract and post data on the go.


  • Increased Sales: The client saw a 30% increase in revenues through the implementation of a robust E-commerce platform which engaged users and provided a rewarding experience through the purchase lifecycle. The solution allowed users to easily drive down to the product of choice and make calculations on the quantities needed for their requirements, and also provided them the option for requesting Samples prior to purchase .
  • Ability to Manage Every Step of the Sales Process: With the new implementation, the client’s team was able to manage the entire sales process. Data received through the E-commerce portal was fully synchronized into the new ERP implementation for a cohesive view of intelligence collected. From adding a new lead into the system, tracking opportunities, and follow ups to gauge their level of interest, everything was now accessible to all key persons through their mobile devices.
  • Efficient Decision Making through Real-time Dashboards: The solution framework empowered stakeholders with Analytics & Graphical reports ubiquitously on the go, allowing them to access valuable data and take quick and informed decisions.
  • Working on the move: On boarding the new solution allowed users to get connected, to extract or post data to the ERP in real time. Employees no longer need to be within the office premises to carry out day to day activities. This helped in achieving targets and ensuring optimal delivery output from each units in the value chain, and also eliminated paper based data collection processes and subsequent data entry activities. The solution framework also supported offline capability to allow data capturing scenarios which do not have data connectivity for live sync to database.
  • Better Planning: The ERP implementation eliminated delays in day to day scheduling of activities, and follow ups. Through the delivery of consolidated information as dashboards on mobile platforms, the implementation helped in efficient planning and scheduling of tasks and utilization of resources.
  • Greater Lead Visibility: The solution allowed for instant email notifications to sales staff for every new lead received through the PPC campaign or Sample Request sales funnel. This allows leads to pass through a pre-qualification process immediately to accertain the value of the lead and act towards conversion.

Project Details

  • Mobile Application Development


  • Odoo8
  • Magento Enterprise Edition
  • iOS client

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