Our Industries


The future of education is through embracing and implementation of new generation technologies that increase learning and improve productivity.

Through operation automation, online tools, student monitoring systems, and mobile content delivery, we aim to bring about institutional excellence through an enhanced teaching and learning experience.

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The modern consumer is increasingly influenced by the internet and social media. This impacts purchase patterns, and also sets high standards of customer expectations. Retail companies have to be quick in understanding the evolving tastes of their customers, and provide a seamless experience which spans across both online and in-shop purchases.

This requires organizations to optimize their supply chain process, and create engaging shopping experiences by aligning technology with business needs.

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Advances in sciences and emerging technologies are rapidly changing the face of the Healthcare industry. Regulatory norms as well as government initiatives are making it necessary for companies to adopt a more personalized care regime which is focused on patient-centric behaviour.

Understanding these mandates and implementing innovative services using cloud computing, big data, and mobility can allow for and increased quality of healthcare delivery, and improved financial performance.

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The rapid emergence of new technologies, shorter and continuous development cycles, reduced time to market, and the drive to reduce operational costs has made the technology industry highly volatile.

There has not been a more critical time for having a Service Provider that offers a holistic solution in software architecture, design, development, mobility and enterprise levels.

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Media & Entertainment

In an industry rife with competition and deadline-critical projects, it is important to be able to create, manage and deliver your digital assets in the most effective way.

With increasing audience engagement through various channels, content delivery can be optimized through Cloud Computing, CDN, Data Analytics, Social integration and Mobility.


Today the Automotive Industry faces an unprecedented slowdown, global supply chain deficiencies, environmental challenges, strong internationalization but localized legal compliance, modularity & innovation, technology adoption and JIT distributed manufacturing while coping with rising fuel costs and reducing costs at every level to realize business value from every available opportunity, while being subject to stringent regulatory pressures.

3E provides unique capabilities from design to engineering of the product lifecycle and seamless integration from the realms of engineering to software technology, by developing diverse applications within the automotive landscape.