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Advances in sciences and emerging technologies are rapidly changing the face of the Healthcare industry. Regulatory norms as well as government initiatives are making it necessary for companies to adopt a more personalized care regime which is focused on patient-centric behaviour.
Understanding these mandates and implementing innovative services using cloud computing, big data, and mobility can allow for and increased quality of healthcare delivery, and improved financial performance.


The modern consumer is increasingly influenced by the internet and social media. This impacts purchase patterns, and also sets high standards of customer expectations. Retail companies have to be quick in understanding the evolving tastes of their customers, and provide a seamless experience which spans across both online and in-shop purchases.
This requires organizations to optimize their supply chain process, and create engaging shopping experiences by aligning technology with business needs.


The rapid emergence of new technologies, shorter and continuous development cycles, reduced time to market, and the drive to reduce operational costs has made the technology industry highly volatile.
3E helps build innovative solutions that lead the way. With special focus on Start-Ups, our team of engineers deliver value that ensures your IT resources are not affected, and you can fully focus on running your business.


With today’s reshaped customer expectations, financial institutions need to tap into innovative methods of staying competitive.
Staying current requires financial service providers to adopt intelligent customer support systems, deep insights to measure KPIs, manage risks and take the right decisions, tightened security through Blockchain implementations, and customer engagement through loyalty programs and wallet apps.


The future of education is through embracing and implementation of new generation technologies that increase learning and improve productivity.
Through operation automation, online tools, student monitoring systems, and mobile content delivery, we aim to bring about institutional excellence through an enhanced teaching and learning experience.


With the mushrooming growth of the real estate industry, the need for efficient solutions than increase the propensity to buy is critical.
Our range of solutions include Automated Property Appraisals and Image Recognition tools for Appraisers, Personalized Recommendations and Interactive Chatbots for increased customer engagement, and Mobile tech with Serious Gaming using AR/VR to help Agents drive sales.

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