The future of education is through embracing and implementation of new generation technologies that increase learning and improve productivity. Through operations automation, online tools, student monitoring systems, and mobile content delivery, we aim to bring about institutional excellence through an enhanced teaching and learning experience.

Modernizing the learning infrastructure and content delivery mechanisms are critical to succeeding in a climate of rapid user and technology change. We belong to a generation of learners who are adept in using all types of technology, to get knowledge as they need it, wherever they need it. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of learning, compared to laptops, since it is more cost-effective and portal.

Technology now offers education a wide array of advanced possibilities that improve processes, integrate, and regulate activities for students, school administrators, and parents alike. The answers can be found in M-Learning solutions that accommodates increased student mobility, or channels that allow increased communication between teachers and parents, or even streamlined administrative processes and metrics to monitor student performances.
3E blends expertise in consulting and technology to deliver solutions that address industry challenges, while enhancing operational excellence through cost efficient strategies. Building the education system of the future requires us to rewire conventional learning methods, and rethink existing operations and business models.

We use the experiences gathered through our work in domain of education, as well as take into account current organizational structure, to give clients differentiated solutions and services. Our offerings are aligned to bring innovation and value while mitigating the risks of a changing learning environment. Our services provide measurable solutions for:

Business Transformation: Through enterprise mobility solutions, educational publishing services, performance analytics, and collaborative environments, we bring about the ultimate objective of driving innovation and reducing operational costs.

Collaborative Learning Solutions: We reshape education through mobile technologies that offer an integrated and social model of learning. Using m-technology we provide digital content delivery of material, collaborative classrooms, video meetings, online assessments, and social gamified learning activities.

Efficient Operations: With a focus on performance management and continuous improvement, our services aim to evaluate processes, streamline operations and deploy technology implementations for back-office and other strategic core areas.

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