Helping you Unlock the Value of Blockchain

Heralded as the most important innovation since the internet itself, blockchain has great potential for application in financial services and any business context where contracts, fidelity or value transactions occur. Here are some usecases for Blockchain applications we have implemented.

Smart Contracts

Execute complex financial processes without the need to for a closed centralized system using Smart Contracts. Verify your business agreements by a network of computers connected to the blockchain, removing executionary power from any single party. Thus creating a system with guaranteed security and seamless transactions.

Crypto Asset Trading

Couple Artificial Intelligence with crypto asset trading over blockchain for real time purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Decentralized and autonomous interaction between platforms makes use of high-security standards for maintaining assets and invulnerability.

Arbitrations & Disputes

Simplify dispute settlement and carrying out of arbitration rulings without breaking the chain.
Offset transactions a self-imposed decentralized system to create new transactions to return finances of both parties to it’s previous state as per dispute resolution guidelines.

Industry Specific Blockchain Solutions

We help drive innovation in blockchain by identifying potential blockchain use cases in your industry. From handling cross border transactions involving different asset types in the financial domain, to globally accessible warranty services, the possibilities are manyfold.

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