Financial Service Portal

Zerowall is a company lifecycle management platform which provides a suite of products and services for helping members to form or register their companies, build corporate governance structure, issues securities, manage bylaws and corporate documentations, initiate wallet transfers etc. In short, everything a company owner would need get registered accredited and conduct business would be available through this portal.

Zerowall also brings investors into the system and provides them the ability to review and analyse performance of registered organizations, invest capital, manage the performance of their investments through purchases and sales, and ultimately liquidate their investments.

  • DomainFinancial Services
  • ServicesArchitectureDevOps
  • TechnologyBlockchainAngular4Node JSLoopbackMongo DB
  • Project StatusLive

Business Challenge

While many independent platforms exist for crowdfunding, buying and selling of equity, investment management etc, a consolidated platform that takes organizations through the entire corporate lifecycle management is not available. The platform needs to address this gap and provide organizations the necessary access to brokers, bankers, investors and information for company formation, asset evaluation, financial accreditation, underwriting securities, arbitration, as well as the ability to define customized corporate governance workflows.

The Solution

The solution delivered to the client involved a mix of technical development skills, Domain IQ in financial services and the investment market and continuous integration to support an iterative Agile model. The technology selected aimed at making the system future proof and pivoting to a Blockchain supporting infrastructure for financial transactions, arbitration and dispute resolution.
The first phase of this project is now live, and second phase MVP is currently in development.

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