Gamified Learning

This Ed Tech Startup aims at producing interactive and easily consumable content for Generation-Z. Content on the portal is delivered through a number of mediums including Snippets for quicklearning, Timelines for Contextual learning, Infographics, Video content and more.

The portal allows Gen-Z to not only consume the curated content, but also to test their skills among comparable peers through trivia and quizzes. The gamification concepts built in rewards user for time spent on the platform, content coverage and scoring and continued usage patterns. The platform is available across any desktop and mobile devices.

  • DomainEducation
  • ServicesUI/UX DesignWebsite DevelopmentDevOps
  • TechnologyWordPressAngular JSIonic Framework
  • Project StatusLive

Business Requirement

The startup required a unified platform where content does not thrive on the sensationalism seen in mainstream news and learning platforms. The ability to tailor content to meet reading patterns and deliver the content through interactive tools was the primary focus point for the brand.
The platform also required Offline reading capabilities, making the content available on the go without a data connection, as well as a Gamification layer to make the system appealing and to incentivise young readers to keep growing their knowledge.
As a part of a longer term strategy, the startup was also desirous to observe usage patterns as well as wrong answer patterns in quizzes to identify deficiencies in the content and delivery methods.

The Solution

The platform was designed with a unique look and feel to create an immersive and fun experience, relying largely on swipe and gesture movements to navigate through the content.

Content was curated and captured through a customized interface on WordPress and delivered through desktop and mobile applications built on AngularJS. Category and age based trivia quizzes, badges and leader boards created the gamification layer to make learning addictive. A point scoring system was implemented by tracking usage patterns and rewarding consistent behavior and quiz rankings with points which can be redeemed as e-books from the user’s dashboard.

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