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Nothing can truly prepare you for those moments right after you bring your new baby home. With Momseze, no mom has to be alone on this wonderful journey.

Momseze offers 24×7 on-demand audio-video calls, enabling new moms to connect to certified lactation consultants, sleep experts and other baby specialists when they need it the most.

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Business Challenge

Access to certified lactation consultants in the USA is expensive and not readily available. This poses a great challenge for new moms who need to schedule appointments with consultants weeks in advance before they are able to meet them in person.

The client, a startup, wanted to bridge this gap by building out a lean MVP where new moms can have almost instant access to certified consultants anytime and on any device. The experience had to be as good as a face to face interaction, should allow consultants to take the mom through audio calls or video sessions for training and counsel, permit note taking on mom’s conditions, and also be able to sustain a session of any duration while tracking billable hours to the consultant.

The app needed to be created with simplicity in mind and have access to useful resources including articles and venues that are supportive of breastfeeding, which would help the various user personas targeted by Momseze.

The Solution

Built for scalability, 3E developed Momseze’s two-sided apps – the Parent app and the Consultant app for both iOS and Android compatibility, and connected to a MEAN stack backend. The apps were ideated for simple interactions where a mom in need has to wait under 3 minutes to connect with an expert. The system intelligently connects parents to consultants who they have worked with before, or someone with the specific area of expertise they need to discuss.

Parents are able to sign up to the service through purchasing on-demand or monthly subscriptions or by redeeming a gift card or coupon code. The inbuilt billing system lets parent’s know how far into their subscription they are. On the partner app, consultants can keep track of their billing for completed sessions, with different payment rates based on on-call hours, off-peak hours and extended sessions.

The app also features helpful articles for new parents as well as a list of breast-feeding friendly places in your neighborhood.

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