Immersive and Cognitive Learning in Healthcare

3E is leading the way in the development of an immersive and cognitive Healthcare Learning Platform aimed at skill development and improved fact-memory in GenZ medical students.  The platform delivers learning through a variety of simulatory, sensory, visual and auditory modes to allow students to learn through the method that works best for them.  Interactive experiences with 3D models, simulated surgical procedures using Augmented and Virtual Reality create an immersive learning experience.

The curriculum is guided through personalized cognitive pathways defined by each user’s interactions with the platform, using Artificial Intelligence powered by Cogfab and IBM Watson.  The platform also offers Clinical Decision Support through analysis of disease entemologies delivered through a conversational bot interface.

Drona is an initiative by the Innovation Incubator Group of Companies.  To find out more about how we can help you grow your Healthcare startup, contact us.



3E Solutions is a Startup accelerator specializing in Innovative Product Development for web and mobile, in AR/VR, AI, Chatbots & Process Automation.  With 10 years of experience and a team of 50+, 3E has built successful relationships with enterprises and start-ups alike, across various industry verticals, including Automotive, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail and Financial Services.

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