Immersive experiences stimulate our senses, they draw us in, transport us to another place,
and keep us in the moment.

Immersive experiences create new opportunities to build deeper relationships with people, products and businesses. These experiences can transport people to remote locations or allow them to explore new activities or products by merging physical and digital contexts. This converged context creates a paradigm shift for consumers and requires companies to think, create and connect with customers in new ways. A new dimension in technology, design and ultimately human experience is emerging. This exciting “spatial experience” frontier is as varied as the wild west with few guideposts and standards. New content, applications and devices are emerging everyday. Yet, each has room for refinement and improvement in creating the most intuitive and rewarding interactions for people. 


3E offers a full cycle of chatbot development services to revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers and streamline interactions. We provide highly sophisticated and intelligent chatbot solutions which can be implemented into diverse domains such as e-commerce, entertainment, customer support, delivery services or healthcare.


Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality apps, your users can visualize items or places in 3D, integrated in real time in their actual size and environment. 3E provides augmented reality app design and development solutions for interactive applications in a variety of sectors including entertainment, manufacturing, retail and healthcare.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the most immersive type of reality technology and can convince the human brain that it is somewhere it is really not. It allows you to have amazing experiences immersed in a virtual world. 3E’s VR practice helps businesses create interactive virtual experiences for their end users at touch point, taking them to a whole new virtual world.


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