Leverage Serverless Computing

Focus on your product. Forget the infrastructure.

Businesses have been adopting serverless compute services such as AWS Lambda to reduce costs, scale faster, and have fewer management overheads.

In the era of cloud based products, big data and IOT devices, all of which demands elastic scaling, the serverless application model (SAM) has gained significant traction and shows irrefutable benefits.

Micro Services with Serverless Architecture

Decouple your application into smaller services, and deploy each as a seperate function. The Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) provider will fire up the infrastructure to process request whenever a function is triggered, and kill the reques when processing completes.

Automatic Scaling and Load Balancing

Focus on building your product. Write and upload functions without looking into distributing traffic or scaling servers. As function call rate increases, processes will run in parallel scaling based on actual loads.

Why pay for servers when all you need them for is a fraction of a second?

FaaS pricing models are based on computing power utilized rather than based on resources provisioned. Switching to serverless computing can therefore help bring down operational costs considerably.
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When to Opt for Serverless Architecture

While it may be trending to shift to serverless, this architecture is best suited for certain type s of applications. Scheduled timer based events, mobile and IOT backends, real time processing of streaming are prime examples of where serverless architecture would work best.

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