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We love startups that are passionate about building innovative products

We realize that every startup idea is a labour of love, inspired by your own every day experiences. And that’s why its important that you nuture and execute your idea through Startup Business Specialists who have successfully incubated startups in the past. As a bootstrapped company ourselves, we recognize how crucial it is for startups to build products that have speed, agility, and can be scaled to sustain high loads and transactions. Our industry experience helps us bring you domain expertise, competency, mature processes and flexibility to rapidly realize your product goals.

Seed Stage

Have a great idea? We can help you define an lean MVP strategy to get your idea validated feedback in 6-12 weeks

  • Research & Product Blueprinting
  • MVP architecture, design & development
  • Go to market strategy

Expansion stage

Ready to take your validated product to next level? Count on us to support on vision, direction, architecture and execution or the long haul

  • Dedicated Team Ramp up
  • Product re-engineering
  • Technology, Architecture, Security Advancements

Hyper Growth Stage

Time to hit number targets and show massive growth to your investors? We can jump in with growth hacking, conversion and immersive experiences

  • Dedicated Team Ramp up
  • Intelligence & Automation
  • MarTech & Micro Interactions


Our team of experts thrive on living on the cutting edge of technology and raising the bar in every challenge we undertake.


Streamlined operations and process maturity helps us bring efficiency and real value in all our deliverables.


As pioneers of web and mobile app development, we strive for perfection and continous improvement in everything we do.

Cloud Services

Helping your business make optimal use of cloud technologies, derive new insights and unlock opportunities through cloud based offerings.


By capturing the essence of your product idea in it’s very basic form, a Minimum Viable Product acts as mini-experiments which help you measure usage metrics and customer feedback to further pivot and improve your build until you achieve market validation.
Rapid prototyping not only helps you identify gaps in your solution, but can also be re-purposed for during the product development stage. Prototypes are also a great tool for early stage investor demonstrations for acquiring seed funding, and is the most popular first step by startups today.


We really do love helping startups grow. 3E’s staff augmentation model allows you to hire dedicated resources or a dedicated team who will act as your extended workbench in bringing your product ideas to life.

Hiring dedicated developers can reduce your business costs and guarantees efficiency in product development which can be fully orchestrated by you in consultation with our domain experts. Count on us for offshoring benefits without the outsourcing hassles or the in-house overheads!
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